Happy Diwali
28th October 2016
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Diwali is perhaps the most well-known of the Hindu festivals and from this Sunday 30 October for five days, families across Devon & Somerset will be celebrating.


Known as the ‘Festival of Lights’, Diwali symbolises how good (light) will always win over evil (darkness). Houses and shops are decorated with colourful lights and candles for the celebration, which marks the start of a new business year.


People also say prayers to the goddess of wealth Lakshmi for a prosperous year ahead during Diwali.


Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service remind those using candles and nightlights in this festival of light to ensure that they are used safely and kept away from flammable materials and surfaces.


Marc House, Community Safety Prevention Manager said: "We are often called to fires started by candles placed too near to flammable items and the best advice we can give is to ensure candles are placed on stable surfaces which don't burn. Always keep curtains away from candles and keep safe this Diwali".


The recent rise in the popularity of candles and scented burners around the home has increased the risk of fire and accidents. The majority of these accidents happen due to candles and burners being placed too close to flammable objects such as curtains, bedding and clothing.


The risk of this happening at Diwali can be reduced by following this simple advice:

  • never leave a candle or burner unattended
  • never lean across a candle
  • never play with candles or matches
  • never use outdoor candles indoors
  • always place candles on a heat resistant surface
  • make sure candles are standing upright and are firmly fixed into proper holders that will not fall or get knocked over easily
  • leave at least 10cm (4inches) between two candles and never place them under   shelves or other surfaces
  • extinguish the candle before it burns into the holder
  • follow the manufacturer’s instructions on candles and scented burners
  • make sure candles are completely out – not smouldering.
  • remember to extinguish all candles and burners before you go to sleep.


Keep candles and burners

  •  out of draughts
  • well away from curtains, furniture, drapes and sources of direct sunlight
  • away from trees, plants and other foliage
  • out of reach of children and pets
  • away from hair and clothing

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service strongly recommend that every home has at least one smoke alarm on each floor level.  Smoke alarms should be checked regularly to ensure that they are working properly. A working smoke alarm can buy you valuable time to get out, stay out and call 999. Make sure that everyone in your home knows what to do if a fire should occur– practise your escape route.


Please celebrate Diwali safely, have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Plan an escape route – make sure you and your family know the quickest way out in the event of fire.

If a fire does break out in the home, then Get out, Stay out and Call 999.

To request free Home Safety advice call free on: now 0800 0502999. For any other fire safety advice, contact the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue helpline on: 01392 872288 or visit our website www.dsfire.gov.uk

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