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23rd November 2011
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Many households are feeling the pinch at the moment and are looking for ways to save. With some careful planning and disciplined shopping it is possible to cut down on your weekly food bill and eat really well.

It is worth spending the time and effort when you consider that a family spends between £2000 and £5000 a year on food. If you were spending that on any other item you would be researching the options and choosing carefully before you buy. Just reducing your spend by a few ££s a week can add up to a significant saving over a year

If you always already cook your meals from scratch, try some new recipes with cheap, high quality foods such as lentils or chickpeas. They are a fraction of the cost of meat and yet are full of nutrients and protein.

If you are not used to cooking meals from scratch, then try some easy recipes. All the recipes on my website are quick and easy to do - just pick the ones you like the sound of. You can also download the free Family Meal Planner.

Cooking on a Budget

  • Plan your meals - and make a shopping list
  • Cost out the shopping list on your supermarket's website
  • Stick to your shopping list, when you go shopping
  • Only buy bargains if you need it for your menu plan or it can be frozen for next week's plan
  • Check the relative price of packs before you buy. Large packs are not always cheaper per 100g than small ones
  • If you have meat every meal, try one or two meat free meals
  • Try baking scones, cookies or cakes rather than buying them


Rather than yoghurts buy plain yoghurt and some fruit - much healthier and better value than 'fruit' yoghurts

Make your own pizza - its easier than you think. If you don't want to make the base, buy a plain base and add your own toppings

Try pasta with some onions, peppers, garlic and tomatoes cooked in little olive oil. Cheap and delicious!

Plan to cook double quantity and freeze half to have a home made ready meals available for the following week or when you might be tempted to get a takeaway

Use any leftover vegetables in soup - take it to work in a thermos flask for lunch

Pack your own lunches rather than buying sandwiches or 'meal deals'

Whatever changes you make - enjoy your cooking - and the savings! And do get in touch and pass on your own tips for cooking on a budget.

Happy Cooking!






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