Frugal Food Budgeting For January - Article 2
17th January 2012
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If you are trying to have a frugal month in January – I hope it is going well for you

Here are a few more ideas that might help 

  1. Once you decide on your food budget, use cash to pay for your food rather than debit or credit card. You are much less likely to overspend. Most people find it harder to spend hard cash because you can physically see what you are doing, and can see the total reducing as you spend

  2. Put a few pounds to one side for a treat as a reward if you stay in budget – spend it on what ever you like – chocolate, wine, take-out coffee, pudding, favourite cheese etc. It will help to give you an incentive and help to make you feel less deprived!

  3. Identify foods you really like that are low cost – and make sure you include plenty in your weekly meal plan

  4. Try out a new low cost recipe – such as Creamy Blue Cheese Pasta – delicious!

  5. If you have been buying sandwiches for lunch, make them at home and take them with you – a saving of £10-£20 a week

  6. Take a flask of coffee with you instead of buying it, when you are out and about

  7. If you like Penny's Recipes Meal Plan – see the new one this week

  8. When you cook, make double the quantity and put some in the fridge or freezer, ready for a day that you can't be bothered to cook so you are not tempted to buy an unbudgeted for take-away

  9. Used to going out for dinner with friends? Have a 'bring and share' supper instead of eating out. You each make a dish to contribute to the whole meal – variety of food without the restaurant prices.

  10. Find new easy, seasonal and low cost recipes at Penny's Recipes.



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