Fly-tipper fined after being caught on camera
12th August 2016
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The offender was issued with a £400 fixed penalty notice but this was reduced to £200 after it was paid within 14 days.

The City Council has commended the complainant, who filmed the offender dumping the rubbish next to some rubbish bins on a residential road, and urged people living in Exeter to keep an eye out for anyone else seen fly-tipping.

The offence was committed in School Road, St Thomas, on 21 April.

The complainant provided film footage from a mobile phone of the man dumping buckets and rags by the refuse bins and then driving off.

The Council was then able to get the owner details from the vehicle registration and a fixed penalty notice issued.

Cllr Rob Hannaford, Lead Councillor for Place, said: "There's no excuse for fly-tipping. Instead of dumping this rubbish, he could have taken the items to one of the recycling centres and disposed of it responsibly.

"We're so pleased that locals are taking this issue seriously and we would encourage more people to keep their eyes open for other incidents of flytipping. Any complaints are confidential, so people should not be afraid to let us know."

Video footage is ideal and the Council need to be able to see the person depositing waste and then leaving it. Photos are also good, but they need to show the sequence of events. If there is a vehicle involved, they should jot down the registration number, make and model and also get a description of the offender/s, date, time and what has been dumped.

People should also call the Council, on 01392 265010, with any information as soon as possible so it can then investigate. Ideally they should not touch any evidence as the Council will need to witness it in situation before it is removed

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