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25th May 2011
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It’s no secret that email marketing needs to be an intrinsic part of any online marketing strategy, GleaveMedia operate a very cost effective email marketing system called mailPDQ a full service email marketing platform with many advanced features already built in.

So when you have a great email marketing system how do you make best use of it, what are some of our top tips?

1.  Understand your readers - if you can categorise your data, or segment it so for example; you only send widget sales information to those interested in widgets you should get a far higher response rate.

2.  Personalise and clear subject lines - use the recipients first name (this comes back to point 1 - good data) and make the subject line clear and easy to understand, for example if you want the sendee to like your Facebook page then say it!

3.  Plain text as well as html - these days not everyone's email client can/will accept all those great images, so offer a choice.

4.  Unsubscribe link - not only is this a legal requirement its plain polite.

5.  Get to the point - what is the email you are sending about and what do you want the use to do with it when they open it?

6.  Dont waffle - see point 5!

7.  Be Consistent - if you say you are going to an email monthly or maybe weekly then make sure you do this, nothing is worse than over promising and under delivering.

8.  Be Creative - this is a great opportunity to really show the recipient something great about you/your business - so use it!

9.  Remember the aim is to get the reader to carry out an action - if you want the recipient to click, add the ability to click, if you want them to phone you add the phone number a few times....

Follow these 9 points above and we dont think you'll go far wrong.

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Alistair Gleave has been involved in the Internet Industry since 1999, both as a project manager for web development as well as inbound marketing strategies and now runs GleaveMedia an experienced new media agency. Our business is your business development and the generation of new revenue through digital marketing and communication channels. We create targeted campaigns that work!

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