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23rd March 2015
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He is fascinated by the Bronze Age and has found many artefacts from this period whilst out metal detecting. His other hobbies include collecting knapped flints, dog walking and meditation. He currently works for the NHS.

His mother; Trena served with military intelligence, sadly two of her brothers were killed in action in World War II. The family home and business was destroyed in bombing raids on Paris St, Exeter. His father Freddie died when he was very young and has no memory of him.

During WWII his father saw action in North Africa and took some shrapnel wounds to the head. He was badly wounded but later; his father was mentioned in despatches for his bravery – Graeme says this is a major inspiration for his novel.

Graeme’s first novel, ‘The Awakening of Abraham Brown’, available from Amazon is a war novel - but it’s not a war novel. World War II is nearing its end and the capture of 3 American soldiers starts an amazing journey of adventure and self-discovery. A renegade gang of German looters are mysteriously murdered one night. Abraham Brown; an Afro-American soldier survives death after being tortured and then discovers he has developed incredible powers! The 3 Americans discover a monastery high in the hills where they encounter many strange things and many strange events happen including meeting a 7ft tall Nazi bounty hunter and his 2 canine ‘friends’.

Eventually; the story takes Abraham to London, and to work with the British where his bravery is rewarded by Winston Churchill and he is reunited with the RAF pilot who saved his life. After the war; Abraham returns to the States and returns to a quiet life; farming, but his past is to catch up with him with an “out-of-the-blue” encounter.

This, Graeme’s first novel is dedicated to the memory of his father, and the war efforts of his mother and the two uncles he lost, indeed to all those who gave their lives during WWII. Graeme is currently working on the next one!

For more information visit www.facebook.com/graemerichardsmith

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