Dave Thomas from Bluegrass Writes: The Cloud - Series Introduction
24th May 2011
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Dave Thomas from Bluegrass Computer Services writes: There’s a great deal of chatter going on at the moment about The Cloud and I’ve been asked on several occasions “What is it?”, “Do I need to worry about it?” and “How can I implement it now?”.  They’re all valid questions but they each need a different answer.

Whilst it’s easy to say what the Cloud is, it’s actually a confusing topic and needs a considered explanation, which is why I’ve put together several articles that I hope will give you an insight in to what it is and what you need to consider if it’s something you want to embrace.

David Thomas from Bluegrass Computer Service will be writing upcoming articles to help small businesses understand what the Cloud is and how it can help your business.

He continues: There’s a lot of upselling going on at the moment about how the Cloud is changing the world of technology but there’s very little comprehensive information in one place.  For example, those selling the services are not particularly open about the risks!  So over the next couple of weeks I’ll publish a variety of articles that will help provide a balanced view of the Cloud, covering:

Part 1 - What is the Cloud?

Part 2 - What is Cloud Computing?

Part 3 - What types of Cloud Computing are there?

Part 4 - What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?

Part 5 - What are the risks of Cloud Computing?

Part 6 - Recent problems with Cloud Computing (Microsoft)

Part 7 - Recent problems with Cloud Computing (Amazon)

Part 8 - Recent problems with Cloud Computing (Sony)

Part 9 - Cloud Computing Recommendations

If there are any other aspects you’d like covering please either leave a comment or email Dave at david@bluegrasscs.com.

Keep an eye here for the next installments in Dave Thomas's series of blogs about this and other subjects on thebestof Exeter.

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