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5th August 2014
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What is your role in this company? I am the client relationship manager of "Thebestofexeter", and I work here once a week, on Thursday. I take care of the client's profile page and also I write blogs for them.

What Did you do before this job? I was a radio speaker and I changed a lot of radio companies. For example I worked for BBC Radio, Exe Radio and many others. Unfortunately I had to leave my job, and I started a new one in 1996. But my great passion remains radio.

What do you do the other days in the week?  4 days a week I support the conservative parliamentary candidate for North Devon, Peter Heaton-Jones. I help him to write questioners, to plan the next political move and I go with him to the political meetings.

How many members are there in your family? I have two children from my first marriage and a daughter from my second marriage. She is 17 and I’m very proud of her! She is one of the members of “South West Conservative Future”, and recently she went to a meeting with the English Prime Minister David Cameron. I have also a very lovely Doberman and I like spend time with it. He showed me a picture in which it was sleeping like a man, under a colourful a bedspread. So sweet!

What do you do in your spare time? I like to play guitar, even if I’m not a brilliant player! But I have time to improve myself. When I travel with my car, I love listening rock music at high volume. It is the best way to relax myself. Sometimes I cook pasta, my favourite plate, but my wife says that I make too much mess!

Do you like travel? No too much. I travelled in the past, when I had more time and less responsibility.

Colin was very willing and he took me to “Exe Radio” on Thursday 31st July in the morning.

Thank you Colin for this opportunity!

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