Business Journal by Italian journalist student, Sara Zoppi, 29th August 2014
29th August 2014
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Oh the time has run so quickly and It seems to me that I only arrived yesterday and not 6 weeks ago. Today I didn’t take any lunch for me because my colleagues have already organized the last lunch all together. Yesterday I didn’t work because I went to Torquay to take my language certification from Ttpl, and I had dinner with all my friends in Exeter to say goodbye “a presto” to them (I have already invited all of them to spend some time in Cinque Terre the next summer!). The previous day Dave Barr gave me his certification with my name and with a very nice comment about me. I was so delighted to receive it and I will take your invite to come back! Surely I will place it in the most visible place in my bedroom in Italy. I have to say a big thank you to everybody for the pleasant and funny moments spent together! Here I found first of all a kind family, I tried the experience to have a very friendly brother, I began to work like a journalist, interviewing people and writing everyday a small report, together amusing and nice colleagues, and above all, I spent the best time with my new international friends, and I really want to see all them again. I couldn’t expect to have a better holiday than this, my first holiday abroad and on my own it was incredibly awesome!!!


A big “ciao” to everybody! I wish to everybody the best.



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