Business Journal by Italian journalist student, Sara Zoppi, 22nd August 2014
22nd August 2014
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I have already made a plan together with my Exeter’s friends and we are aware that this is the last weekend that we can spend together, because me and most of them will leave Exeter during the next weekend. Most probably on Monday we will go at the “Crealy Adventure Park”, where a friend of us is working like a children's entertainer, and we will join him to have fun altogether. It is a very nice idea! Today few rays of sunshine come in through the window, warming up the atmosphere inside the office. Rodney picked me up and I was quite late, I have serious difficulty to respect the timetable. I have to improve this indeed! Later I will help Yana to clean the office, the small kitchen, the bathroom, and the bins always full of papers. The office is going to be closed until Tuesday so it is nice leave it tidy and with a clean smell. I am a very tidy person and I’d like to have a clean house always with a fresh smell. In fact sometimes my friends have a laugh with my cleanliness fixation! I’m speaking too much, I have to work hard! ;)


See you next week,



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