Business Journal by Italian journalist student, Sara Zoppi, 21th August 2014
21st August 2014
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In these days there isn’t too much work to do, the atmosphere in the office is quiet and relaxing, with the radio music in the background. Yesterday after lunch time me and Yana were alone in the office and we spent very pleasant time together, laughing and talking about different arguments. I showed her the pictures from my weekend in the West of Cornwall and I told her some funny episodes that happened during my short holiday. When our colleagues came in the office, Mike brought me home, before my regular time, because he had to visit one of the company’s clients whose shop is located in front of my house.  As soon as I was at home I took off my clothes, wearing a sport suit and I went to the riverside to ride my bicycle. I did a lot of hard work because I was going to the opposite side of the wind! Oh it was terrible! Fortunately there was a warm sun in the sky that encouraged me to continue the route. After dinner I went out with Adrien to meet our friends and to plan the weekend. I’m so excited for this: it is my last weekend in Exeter and I’d like to spend pleasant time in company visiting new and beautiful places. Let’s start to arrange it!




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