Business Journal by Italian journalist student, Sara Zoppi, 31st July 2014
1st August 2014
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I arrived at work with Rodney and the Business Place seemed quiet and silent like the other days, but today is special: at 5.30 p.m. there will be the “Party in the park!”. The works for the stands will start late and we hope that lot of people will join us. Fingers crossed for the weather! Colin took me to the “RadioExe” station, only 5 minute drive from our office. It was a very exciting experience, because it was my first time in a radio studio and everything looked new! The people who was working  in this small but operational station were very kind and friendly. I knew Chris Dinnis, a radio speaker who showed and explained to me about his job and his tasks; he also allowed me to take some pictures of the studio. I asked him some questions about the radio’s work. Radio Exe is a commercial radio and it earns money through advertisings. It broadcasts different kind of music (from 60’s to the latest hits), local news and forecast. Sometimes he interviews people who have something to say, for example charity events, festivals, and so on. After lunch Yana and me finished to fill “the brown bags” with leaflets and free gifts for the people that will come at the Party this evening. All the people who are interested in business and who want have fun come in and join us! If you are only curious and you’d like to know how the party has gone, don’t forget to read my next report.





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