Business Journal by Italian journalist student, Sara Zoppi, 1st August 2014
4th August 2014
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The sun shined after the terrible rain during the lunch time and many tables and chairs were placed outside the Taste (Corporate and Private Caterers).  thebestof Exeter’s stand hosted a music band, “The Heroes”, who played many cover songs. The people talked together with a fresh drink in one hand and a sandwich in the other. Everything went in the right way: a pleasant breeze was blowing, the sun was shining and many friendly faces were talking and laughing together. I met Dave’s mother ( Dave Barr), a very pretty and cheerful woman. She told me about her travels in Italy and I invited  her to spend some time in my apartment over Vernazza, one of the ”Cinque Terre”. She looked enthusiastic! At 8.30 p.m. the party was over and little by little the guests went back home, enjoyed by the party. Today a typical English weather says “good morning” to Exeter inhabitants with continuous  rain. It is the perfect day to spend at home, under the bed cover sipping a hot cup of coffee and watching a good film. Sleepy atmosphere in all the offices of the Basepoint Business Centre, the weekend doesn’t start with a promising weather. I am aware to be in England and even if this place is called “The English Riviera” it could rain. Anyway, I will find something to do!

Have a nice time during the weekend!



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