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14th August 2014
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I’m so excited to meet the Olympic winner Sharron Davies at the Hydropool South West Event. I checked on internet some information about her life, her career and her family and I prepared a little interview. For the special occasion I had bought a special outfit: an elegant black jump suit, my first one. I asked Rodney to read my questions about Sharron and he was satisfied with my work: few questions that focus the aim of the event. After lunch, Dave’s father was completely fascinated and surprised by my healthy meal. I tidied my things and I got in Dave’s car very quickly (we are a little bit late!). The Hydropool South West is located in a business area near Newton Abbot. When we arrived we were welcomed by a red dust and Dave exclaimed: “Oh No! My white car is going to be brown!” and then he burst into laughter. The sun warmed up and we spent a lovely time outside the Hydropool shop drinking good champagne and eating delicious canapés (the toffee and banana mini loaf cakes were so yummy!). I had the opportunity to listen to Sharron’s interviewed, with a professional and very resolute journalist: Alexis Bowater. I will never forget her sentence:” Believe in yourself and you can become what you want to be!”. I exploited the situation and I asked Sharron if I could ask her some questions. She was completely available, very friendly and also she looked fabulous. My day finished with a toothy smile: my first interview to an English celebrity!


Thank you very very much to all thebestof Exeter Staff!

Enjoy your week-end,





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