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27th April 2012
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Johno Smith, Sales & Marketing Director at The Brightsea Print Group, has worked in the printing industry for over forty years.  Today Johno is helping us with the topic of Business Cards. This will be particularly useful to Businesses that are just starting up or to anyone that wants to improve the effectiveness of their current cards.

Question: I am just starting in business and I am having to spend money on numerous services at the moment.  I am wondering just how essential is it to have Business Cards?

Answer: In my view, a business card is essential for every businesses, especially when you are first starting up. It provides a way of giving your prospects and leads a visual representation of you and your brand. Your business card will play a big part in the initial impressions that people will form of your company. If your card is effective, it will be retained by the receiver and will serve as a reminder that your business exists at a time when people discover that they require your products or services.

Question: I have never created or ordered business cards before in my life. Where do I start?

Answer: Researching, designing and ordering your first business card can be a lot of fun if you use a good quality print company. Sadly, there are many options these days to purchase cheap, poor quality business cards and these can do more harm to your brand and your reputation than good. My advice is to use a trusted and recommended professional printing service that will have the experience to guide you through your card design and the print processes. Ideally, the printer that you choose will take an interest in your brand identity and will then help you to protect it and promote it.

Question: How do I tell if my business card is any good or not?

Answer: You want your business card to be memorable, well designed, and informative to the potential client or customer. Your card should reflect the fact that you have a business of quality. It should tell people what your company does and perhaps what some of your organisation’s valuea are, such as environmental issues. Make sure your font is legible and clear. Think about the colours that you are using and what they might say to people about your business.  Ask yourself 'what does the card feel like?' Does the feel of it say; 'quality, strength, duration' to you, or does it say; cheap, weak, flimsy'.  Which of these words would you prefer to have your business associated with?!

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