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17th February 2016
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To date, Caroline’s donated items have raised £890.50 and with the Gift Aid claimed, well over £1000 for the Charity.

Caroline says, “I have a clear out every now and then. I recently had a declutter of the house and was pleased to know that items I no longer had use for could find a good home elsewhere by donating. It also makes it easier to pass on clothing that has not been worn for a while or no longer fits that is too good not to be given a new lease of life with a new owner. The key is to bag up the items, put them straight in the car and drop off at the Topsham shop as soon as possible so things don’t creep back in the house”.

Sarah Woolfenden, DAAT’s Topsham Shop Manager, says, “Donations are gratefully received, whether it is a few items in a bag or a boot full of boxes because you’re moving. It all mounts up, especially if it is Gift Aided.  A big thank you from all of us at Topsham Shop to Caroline for making a difference.”

Whether it’s the painting she has recently taken down or the clothing she doesn’t foresee wearing again, Caroline knows it is in safe hands when it reaches the shop. “A lot of items I donate brought me happiness at some point in my life and I like to think that they will be enjoyed by someone else.”

The service DAAT provides in her home county is what inspires Caroline to continue her regular trips to the shop. “My family and I have always known the invaluable service Devon Air Ambulance Trust provides, but more recently my husband, a Royal Marine, witnessed an incident DAAT attended, and it really hit home just how important the Trust is to Devon”.

Caroline’s employer, Tozers Solicitors, are currently celebrating raising £13,500 for the Charity over the past two years. “It is fantastic to contribute to such a brilliant amount raised for the Charity. My colleague Tracy runs the marathons and I donate my clothes! We all have our own way to give”. 

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