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Henry Howard Finance has welcomed news that business rates are to better reflect property prices in future – but says the move is only part of the solution for British retailers now dealing with a multitude of challenges in the current climate.
There is a popular movement to encourage us to shop locally - but is this really the best way to support our community? At first sight it seems obvious that shopping locally will support local businesses and stores. It means that John buys from Sarah, Sarah buys from Bill, and Bill buys from John again - so the money flows in a virtuous circle.
Making Tax Digital (MTD) was announced as HMRC’s way of bringing the tax system into the 21st Century. The quarterly reporting updates were introduced so that HMRC was aware of a business’s profits throughout the year, rather than just at the end - However there has been much uncertainty about MTD in practice for both small and larger businesses - HMRC has released updated guidance that thankfully will now see many businesses and individual s fall out of the criteria for MTD.
31 July is the deadline for making your second payment on account towards your 2016/17 tax liability - We raise some points which you may wish to consider.
The South West Business Expo is very excited to announce that the largest 1 day annual business expo in the South West will be coming back to you, even bigger and better than before on 15th March 2018.
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