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Bay Spice, Hastings

I am impressed that despite the fact Bay Spice catered for more than 20 of us at The Best Of Curry Club Business Networking, the food was hot, excellent quality and delivered to the tables so no-one was kept waiting. Recommended. Jason Cornes Business Mentor and Life Coach.

thebestof Hastings, Hastings

The Best of Hastings organized yet another fabulous Curry Club business networking evening at Bay Spice in Hastings which I had the pleasure to attend. What a friendly welcoming event, which is quite informal and allowed me to build friendly relationships with other local business owners. The food is great and there is plenty of it. I certainly shall not miss the next one in early December. Thank you Cale and Clare. You have the talent to bring people together. 10 out of 10. Recommended. Jason Cornes Business Mentor and Life Coach.

SocialBee Social Media , Hastings

I've just come away from Cale's training workshop on Instagram feeling inspired. I learned all sort's of hints and tips and advices on how to run my social media on this platform more effectively. The time is coming when I will ask Cale and Clare to manage my social media for me - Social Bee Social Media will be my first choice when I outsource. I'm really looking forward to next Wednesday when we are looking at LinkedIn. Ten out of ten highly recommended. Jason Cornes. Business Mentor and Life Coach

Perfect Balanced Bookkeeping Ltd, Hastings

I recently referred clients to Viv at Perfect Balanced Bookkeeping Ltd as I am in no doubt as to her firms expertise and level of client service. I was impressed by how quickly she responded to the referral. I have advised my clients to contract with Viv's firm and am hopeful that they will take up my suggestion. I will continue to recommend clients. Thank you Viv and your team. Jason Cornes Business Mentor and Coach

Gibbons Mannington & Phipps LLP, Hastings

I recently recommended clients to Richard at Gibbons Mannington & Phipps LLP. This week I attended a 'with compliments' meeting at their Bexhill office together with the clients. We received a warm welcome at reception and during the meeting itself, Richard's client skills and expertise were obvious. I have advised the clients to contract with Richards firm and I am hopeful they will follow my guidance. Thank you Richard. Jason Cornes Business Mentor and Life Coach.

Eyemasters, Hastings

I have recently become a customer of Richard's. Excellent personal service. I now have a stylish, quality new set of specs. I have been "Eyemastered" Very pleased and will recommend to others. Jason Business Mentor and Life Coach.

AlisonWonderland Photography, Hastings

Alison is a talented and creative photographer and digital artist and I would not hesitate to recommend her to family and friends.

Bay Spice, Hastings

Very good and tasty food served at the recent Best of Hastings Curry Club Business Networking event. Thank you. I wouldn't hesitate to visit this restaurant with friends or family. Recommended.

thebestof Hastings, Hastings

I was fortunate to attend The Best of Hastings Curry Club event on Tuesday 5th March. Such a relaxed and friendly business networking event over a beer and a curry. No 60 seconds presentations, just getting to know other local business owners. Thank you so much Cale and Clare for inviting me. Highly recommended.

Danny The Idiot, Hastings

Danny is an international award winning balloon artist and we are lucky enough to have him on our doorstep for children's and adult's parties, workshops and events. Today I watched his show and was tickled pink. Have you booked him yet?

Bay Spice, Hastings

I recently attended a business networking event at Bay Spice. I was impressed by the food and attentive service. Thank you. Jason

Bay Spice, Hastings

Its difficult looking after a large group when the restaurant is busy so I'm looking forward to trying again when the restaurant isn't so packed. The food was enjoyable and I will certainly go again. Many thanks. Jason Cornes. Mentor and Coach.

Town City Cards, Hastings

Jason's Garden Landscaping Ltd are delighted to have been invited by Chris to be a member business of the Eastbourne and Hastings cards. Such a great idea to promote offers to the general public and trade to local businesses. Thank you Chris. Jason

thebestof Eastbourne, Eastbourne

Do you know what a squeeze page is and how you can use one to run an online competition and data capture details of potential customers for later use as a mailing list. Well nor did I till recently lol. Now I have a competition live on my Facebook page and have received more than 100 new page likes in three days. What a great investment being a member business of Best of Eastbourne. Always something new to learn from David and other members.

Ditzy Media, Eastbourne

In every business misunderstandings can sometimes occur with clients and customers. I highly recommend Mina's customer complaint mediation/legal advice service and Terms of Business drafting and updating service both of which I have fully taken advantage of. Thank you for all your professional help Mina.

Chatfields Jewellers, Eastbourne

Having walked past Chatfields Jeweller's shop many times, I have been struck how inviting, beautifully laid out and professional it is. I will be bringing my wife there in March to make a purchase as a surprise for her Birthday as I have no doubt she will find something she likes.

Ditzy Media, Eastbourne

Mina has provided my business with an invaluable service. She has drafted my companies new Terms and Conditions which not only comply with current legislation but also are in plain "customer friendly" language. This document has had an immediate positive impact on my business and has attracted positive feedback from customers.

Ditzy Media, Eastbourne

I am delighted to be one of Ditzy Media's first clients since Mina recently launched her company. Having previously met Mina in her role at Trading Standards, I immediately recognised the benefits that she might bring to my business in her role as an independent consultant. It's early days, however I have already experienced Minas advice and excellent service and look forward to our on going business relationship in the months and years to come. Many congratulations in "taking the plunge" into self employment. Jason at Jason's Garden Landscaping.

thebestof Eastbourne, Eastbourne

I'm delighted to have been accepted as a new member to Best of Eastbourne. David's enthusiasm and expertise with marketing and social media is outstanding. I have already implemented two or three changes that David has suggested and noticed an immediate ongoing change in the level of engagement from potential customers on social media and quality of enquiries. Thank you David.