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Welcome to Umaxfitness, the gym home of one of the leading elite personal trainers Eastbourne has to offer, Umberto Massimino
Many Eastbourne locals have made their way hopefully to local gyms, only to find that their individual inhibitions or lack of experience prevent them from achieving the results they hoped for. But there is a solution: by working with a qualified trainer and following a carefully devised personal fitness programme Eastbourne gym-goers can focus on their specific needs and overcome those obstacles which felt unsurmountable just a short time ago.

“But,” you may ask, “where can I find a personal trainer near me who can offer one-on-one support?” Or you may wonder, “Who will be able to provide the coaching I need around my buy schedule or lifestyle?”

Umaxfitness have a unique set of resources which make it possible to offer courses in personal fitness Eastbourne‘s busiest residents can still benefit from. The first resource is Umberto’s excellent knowledge and experience around weight loss and pain relief, coupled with deep seated motivation based on his own personal experiences. Here you have an Eastbourne personal training specialist who hears what you want, understands why you want it, and knows how to get you there.

The second important resource is the Umaxfitness private gym studio. This dedicated space is a place where customers can come, shed their inhibitions and shed the pounds. We understand that while some fitness enthusiasts thrive in the gym environment, especially if they are new to the activity or haven’t been in a while. When you go to a private studio for fitness training, Eastbourne customers can get used to the moves and equipment in a private, pressure-free environment, without the distractions of a busy gym.
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