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Southern IT have been managing my IT for a significant period of time, whenever there has been an issue with any of our PCs or our onsite storage, they have been extremely quick to react to minimise any downtime. I can't recommend them highly enough for VOIP and Microsoft 365.
I attended the Cyber Security Workshop yesterday led by Southern IT Networks. I used to deliver training for the National Trading Standards Scams Team, so I know how vital it is to avoid the Fraudsters but also to keep up with all their dastardly dealings. This was an excellent overview of all the things we need to be looking at, for businesses small and large, to ensure we are working safely and protecting our data. All of it! Thoroughly recommended. Thank you Southern IT Networks for making this event available.
Over the years I have invested a lot of time and energy to ensure I am working with hugely knowledgeable business owners and today Southern IT proved again they know IT! Today was the second Cyber Essentials workshop I have attended as it was focusing on how to keep your business safe online and I like to stay informed. Keeping in mind I live in the virtual world most of the time and having pretty good security practices they touched on a few what if scenarios that made me think… Thank you so much for the eye opening session I certainly got a nugget or two to implement not to mention a new level of confidence in recommending other BestOf Members contact you should they have IT requirements.
Cyber Security Workshop: It promised to be the best use of an afternoon that we could spend our time on and it was! Thank you Southern IT and Andy from SEROCU in delivering a very informative but importantly NOT DULL and indeed memorable cyber security workshop. Lots to take in! Huge thanks for taking the time to organise and make this available for local businesses at no charge.
Being a mobile app developer, I come in contact with many IT companies as part of my business. On the several occassions, I have come in contact with Southern IT Networks, I have always found them to be very positive, knowledgeable and professional. What I really like about them is that they go out of their way to help others, whether that's putting on free cybersecurity seminar for businesses or giving impartial advice on IT matters, they are always willing to help. This willingness to help others is my benchmark for deciding whether I am dealing with good company and Southern IT Networks is an excellent company to deal with. A good example of this is Michael Freeman, the Managing Director of Southern IT Networks gave me a copy of his book 'Are you prepared to respond to a cyber attack?' which has been incredibly helpful, not only for me but one of my clients who needed guidance. Naturally, I directed my client to contact Southern IT Networks herself to get the best help from a great company.
Great, and a lot of info! I’ve made a list of security things to prioritise within the next 24hrs/week/month. Thank you!!
Very good seminar! Professionally presented and very thought provoking, well done!
Needed support because our computers were really slow and our previous IT company in Hastings were slow to respond to anything. Called Southern IT to see what they could offer. They basically fixed everything within a couple of weeks after taking over the contract. If I knew moving from our old it company was that easy I would have done it much sooner.
Needed a cheap phone system for my 50 employe call centre to cut costs. I now pay a fixed monthly fee and my bill each month has almost halfed. They even installed them and gave free training. Should have switched years ago.
Best IT company we have ever used and we've used most of the local ones in Hastings all the way to Brighton. These guys care about their customers.
I'm a partner for a small firm of solicitors. Southern IT are very knowledgeable of our case management system. Before they supported us we had all sorts of problems but no longer thanks to the team.
Wouldn't recommend anyone else. They do a great job when they say they will. No messing around which is perfect for keeping my employees working without it issues.
Needed IT support after a virus got on our computers. After a conversation on the phone they were round the office a couple of hours later and got us back up and running. Amazing!
Eye opening cyber security workshop and really got us thinking! We were hit with a phishing attack last year and it cost us alot of money and time. This was both useful and relevant. Who knew you needed anti virus on an iPhone!?
I contacted Southern IT when our server needed ditching for the cloud and had some problems with our 'then' provider. We haven't regretted a minute of it, they really know their stuff and have made our staff more productive by working with and managing the technology to our business needs properly. Regret the fact we didn't know about you before!
Needed a wireless system installing and the guys fitted our hotel out without any hassle. Great work and good luck.
I asked Southern to come over to my offices and train our staff on cyber security. They were thorough and patient, providing training and documentation to them, teaching modern day cyber threats such as phishing, email spoofing and invoice diversion. Their service is impeccable and we see them as an extension of our company
Southern IT has helped me with many IT problems for the last couple of years. They are always quick to respond when an issue arises.
Been working with Southern IT for some time now. They are very competent, professional, and friendly.
Southern IT always goes over the top to make sure everything is working and everything is in its right place before hanging up the phone. Thank you again for all your help! I know I can always count on you guys.
Southern IT is very knowledgeable, easy to understand and communicate with. They always are quick on project completion and in resolving issues quickly resulting in minimal if at all down time. They make my job so much easier and less stressful!
I called Southern IT from a Google search and it was the RIGHT DECISION. Professional, honest, and fair. Michael quickly diagnosed and fixed server issue in a narrow time window.
Impeccable service.
I indicated that it wasn’t an urgent matter, but I received a call within a few minutes from the time that I submitted my question with a direct and helpfully simple reply. Not only did Southern IT answer my question, but he also took the time to follow up on a previous ticket issue I submitted that had a more open-ended resolution due to the need for more research, showing proactive concern. I am very satisfied with how this was handled.
Knowledgeable, professional, and worked around my schedule.
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