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Would you like to look out over your garden and smile again? Ask Eastbourne Gardens about the landscaping options available to you.

Creating Your Perfect Garden

Our garden is one of the few luxuries that we can indulge in to escape the hustle and bustle of life, so it’s important to make sure that you’re working with a professional when adjusting it.

Alan Pearce is the lead landscaper at Eastbourne Gardens and had made it his mission to work closely with his clients for every step of the design, right through to the creation of their perfect garden.

When working with Eastbourne Gardens, you are their main priority as they only take on one project at a time to ensure that you are getting their full, undivided attention.

High-Quality Landscaping Service


Alan Pearce Started his own gardening business in West Sussex back in 1992 and after 9 years he moved to Eastbourne and rebranded as Eastbourne Ggardens.

Over the last 24 years of working in the field, Alan has gathered a true appreciation for the customers’ needs and the most effective manner of delivering them their dream garden.

Make Your Dream Garden a Reality


Eastbourne gardens can work with an enormous array of materials from Indian Sandstone to Granite Paving to Hardwood Decking to Brick or even rendered walling. Alan and the team can also assist you in outdoor garden constructions and even hot tubs for those warm summer evenings.

Alan has an extensive knowledge of garden plants and the conditions that each require to survive and flourish. Some of Alans favourite plants are Acers (Japanese Maples), Agapanthus, and tree peonies.

The team at Eastbourne Gardens understand that although plants are beautiful, they can be difficult to maintain and so, therefore, have a selection of low maintenance garden designs. These designs utilise beautiful yet low maintenance plants in conjunction with pebbles, slate, wood & chip and much more.

Contact Alan on 01323 520412 for more information on the excellent services that Eastbourne Garden Provide!

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