5 reasons for your business to have it's own website
27th July 2011
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Exposure / Visibly:

More and more consumers and potential clients are using the web to research products, services and businesses. If you want to be found, then you need a website. Its as simple as that.


Open 24/7:

It’s what it says on the tin. Your business information would be able to be accessed at any hour of the day by consumers and potential clients carrying out research. If you decide to start selling products online, then you can sell items even whilst you sleep!


Professional Credibility:

When you can point customers, clients or potential investors to your website, it shows you are a serious business. The look of your website can also help bring in new business, but we’ll cover that in a later blog.



A great looking website can help a smaller business compete with the bigger enterprises. It can also help businesses of all sizes stay in the game by being visable; if people can’t find you online, then you could lose their business.



A website gives you a universal reach. It can be accessed from anywhere via laptops or mobile phones. This extends your market from local press and advertising, to a world wide audience.


Theses are the five basic reasons why a business should have it's own website, but there are many more. Jemmett Fox Media tailor websites to your specification, and offer a personal and friendly service to help you boost your business online with a decent web presence.


Click here to find out more about how Jemmett Fox Media could help your business have it's very own professional website.

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