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19th July 2009
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It’s not what you know! It’s not who you know!
It’s who knows YOU!

Low Cost – No Cost Marketing
For Coventry Businesses
Part 2.5

Testimonials = Buy-ology

If you are not using Testimonials as a Marketing Strategy then you should read this interesting article on the Power of Testimonials from entrepreneur and MD of thebestof, Nigel Botterill – HERE!

But, if you know that, “In uncertain times customers are looking for certainty”  you know that, Testimonials give people the Confidence and an absolute Compelling reason to buy from you, rather than your competitors, Know that Testimonials are “A Call to Action” and are spending time getting a “Bank” of Great Testimonials: Read on….


One of the most beautiful compensations in life is: “You can’t help somebody else, without truly helping yourself!

If, as the old saying goes “Givers Gain” then to truly maximise the Power of Testimonials, you need to be Giving Testimonials as well!


Think about it!

How do you feel when you receive a Testimonial? I’m guessing pretty pleased, I’ll also wager you’ll “check out” the Business who sent it by visiting their website! Probably send a thank you email?

What do you do with your Testimonials? Show it to everybody? Tell everybody about the great Testimonial you received from “A1 Plumbing” etc? Put it in a frame and hang it in your reception area? Post it on your website?

Exactly the same things as the Person / Business who received your testimonial Will do!


 Giving testimonials (on Branded Post Cards or Headed Paper) will:

• Make someone’s day! Don’t underestimate this!
• Get people talking about you & your Business
• Promote your Brand
• Build Relationships
• Create awareness about your business
• Make you feel good! Don’t underestimate this either!


One of the most beautiful compensations in life is: “You can’t help somebody else, without truly helping yourself!”

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Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive!

Word of Mouth just got Louder!

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