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Facebook have recently launched a spam filter for pages. Regardless whether you think this is a good idea or just creates more work for Page Admins it is imperative that you check your spam filter daily – Here is a quick Facebook Spam Filter Guide.
Facebook will roll out changes today that will make it easier for users to understand and control their privacy settings Learn how to manage who can see your information on and off Facebook.
CCTV is a Powerful Tool for crime prevention! In this blog JP CCTV in Coventry explain what you should consider when choosing a CCTV Home Security System
Coventry Money Matters Blog - Fox Evans Accountants in Coventry are warning Companies in Coventry to be aware of the New, tougher stance from Companies House! The Companies Act could impose an expensive fine or strike off a company altogether.
Are they hoping that the new dimmer street lights proposed for Coventry mean we won’t notice the ever increasing number of potholes on our roads? Is the money being used wisely when there are so many potholes in our roads that need fixing?
Mr Garner, who lives in Browns Lane Coventry, has been forced at great cost to prove legally that land owned by him has been taken deliberately by BELLWAY HOMES.
Coventry is home to the worst drink-driver ever caught by police in the UK. The Coventry resident downed 15 pints of lager during a party and was 5.46 times over the legal limit when he got into his car and tried to drive four miles to his Coventry home!
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