Why Social Media Is SO Important In Your Business!
31st October 2011
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If You Think Social Media Can't Help Your Business, You Must Be Bonkers!

Ooh - strong words! But if you are one of the many business owners in Corby who:

  • doesn't believe Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or You Tube can possibly grow your business
  • has heard "it can help", and "has a facebook page", dabbles with it but doesn't really understand it !
  • thinks it's for kids who have got nothing better to do .
  • or "doesn't have the time" to learn how to do it properly when there are far more important things to do!

............then I urge you to watch this very short video by Nigel Botterill.

Nigel is the founder of 6 different UK million pound companies (including 'The Best Of'), and is one of the most respected entrepreneurs and small business coaches in the UK.

So whatever your business, drop everything and just take 5 minutes now to watch and listen to what he has to say. I assure you, it's that important and you'll be very pleased you did!

Just click this link now to watch the short video.


Best regards

Simon Perry
The Best of Corby

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