Where Are The Best 2011 Bonfire & Firework Displays in Corby?
30th October 2011
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So Where Are The Best 2011 Bonfire and Firework Displays in Corby This Year?

Well of course that's going to be a matter of opinion, and I'm not going to risk upsetting neighbours who have spent their wage packets on a couple of Catherine Wheels!

But I will tell you about a couple of Fireworks or Guy Fawkes night displays in Corby, where you can watch a fantastic display, synchronised with music and in complete safety.

But first, a little history lesson to remind you of why we 'celebrate' November 5th, so you can bore your kids with all your knowledge as you light their sparklers!

In 1605, King James 1 continued to frustrate the English Catholic community, who had previously been persecuted under the reign of Elizabeth 1st, by not giving more recognition to their religion.

So a conspirator group of 13 young men decided to take violent action by plotting to blow up the Houses of Parliament on November 5th. They would kill the King, the Prince of Wales and members of Parliament who had made life difficult for the Catholics.

But there was an informer who realised a lot of innocent people would be killed and so the "gunpowder plot" was uncovered. Guy Fawkes was caught 'red handed' with 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellars of the historic building, just before he got his matches out! He was arrested, tortured and executed along with the gang leader Robert Catesby.

On the very night, bonfires were lit to celebrate Guy Fawkes capture and the King's safety, and to this day, we commemorate the occasion by lighting bonfires and lighting fireworks every November 5th.

And did you know that ever since that day and by tradition, the reining monarch will only enter the Houses of Parliament once a year on "The State Opening of Parliament"? - and only after the cellars of the Palace of Westminster have been thoroughly inspected by the Yeomen of the Guard.

So where can you celebrate the saving of King James 1's life this year? Well I'm sure there are others , but I'm going to pick just two great ones, where I know you'll have a great night out.

1. Bonfire and Firework Display, Corby Boating Lake - Friday November 4th 2011
This spectacular evening starts with a torchlight procession at 6.30pm, led by a piper, from Corby Swimming Pool car park. The fireworks display for all the family starts around the lake at 7.30pm. Click this link for more details.

2. Bonfire and Firework Display, Wilbarston Village Hall and park - Saturday November 5th 2011
I've been to this event for the last 10 years and it just gets better and better each year! The fun starts at 6.30pm. There are children's art competitions, hot food and drink, raffle etc and a spectacular firework display set to music, you won't ever forget. Click here for more details

So now you are confused and don't know which event to go to! Well, I'll tell you - go to both! They are on different nights, and you can drop me a line to tell me which was the best!

Whatever you decide, have a great night!

Best regards

Simon Perry
The Best of Corby

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