Time To Embrace The Grotty Months!
12th September 2011
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I don't know about you, but I always feel a bit down when the summer ends. I don't usually look forward to the colder weather, the nights drawing in quicker and the return of all the TV reality shows!- (it seems they've only just gone away!)

But inspired by a friend of mine who insists "its all in the mind", this year I'm determined to embrace the 'grotty' months and set myself a few winter challenges (aren't I the righteous one!), but more about that in a minute.

But what if you were to do the same? Many businesses thrive at certain times of the year and can have quiet (and sometimes worrying) months ahead. But what baffles me is, most owners don't do anything about it!

Why don't more businesses revise or diversify their offer to accommodate the changing seasons? (after all the seasons changed last year and I'm pretty sure they will again this year - it's not as if it's something new!).

Of course I'm talking about “marketing”, - anticipating trends and demand and planning to take full advantage.

Please believe me - marketing initiatives do work! (Lying down and playing dead doesn't!)

If you have a business that traditionally does better in the summer months, you need to think about what differences you can make to attract customers in colder months. If you were 'your own customer', ask what would you or your family be looking for. For example, take full advantage of seasonal events, Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, Christmas (obviously), Valentines etc.

Create offers and slogans to match the mood and create exciting and original campaigns to attract maximum attention. Set new goals and monitor your successes. It's challenging yes, but it's also great fun, motivating for staff, incredibly rewarding and very likely profitable! If you’d like some advice, please call me. That’s what The Best of Corby is for.

So, why not brain storm some new ideas today, survey your customers and plan to make a difference this year. Or I suppose, you can always settle for what you did last year, but of course then you must expect to get the same result!

My challenges? Well yes I've set some business challenges too, but I’ve also set a few personal ones - firstly, to run the Great North Run (half marathon) in Newcastle this coming Sunday 18th September to make some money for the MS Society (at this point I should like to sincerely thank all my generous sponsors).

I haven't run for 9 years, but I've set some goals and with the amazing help, training and patient support of Ted and Chris at SWAP ACTIVITIES, I'm expecting it to be a proud moment when I (eventually!) cross the finishing line.

Well, it's got to beat sitting around and wallowing in "whatever happened to the summer"!

Best regards,

Simon Perry - thebestofCorby

PS: If you have a quality business in Corby that you genuinely consider could qualify as ‘one of the best’ in its category, (you’ll need to convince us), please give me a call to find out how ‘the bestof’ can consistently help drive more customers. Call me for an initial consultation: 07944 167 840.

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