Save Money On The Trains!
30th October 2012
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Save Money On The Trains!

When I opened my emails this morning, I noticed a message from an old work colleague I haven't seen for 5 years, inviting me to join him and other former colleagues for a "Christmas lunch" one day in December.

"Great" I thought, immediately sensing some Christmas spirit and the chance to catch up with some old buddies.

And then I read on and, noticing the guest list, I soon realised that there probably wouldn't be much 'lunch' involved, but more likely a bit of a drinking session in a Covent Garden pub in London all day instead!

"Well I can't let my former colleagues down can I? "

So looking up the Corby to London train timetable, I couldn't believe how expensive train fares have become!! (I'm not a regular passenger). But then I remembered a great tip from Martin Lewis, the 'Money Saving Expert' guy on the telly.

Rather than booking a return journey from (in this case) Corby to London, he advises to split the booking into 2 seperate tickets (eg. Corby - Luton, Luton - London). You stay on the same train, but daft as it is, the total price is usually significantly cheaper!

Result - more beer money! (Thank you Martin!)

If you use the trains, try it for yourself. It seems there are some great savings to be made.


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