How To Easily Avoid a Common Computer Disaster!
9th May 2012
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DON'T YOU JUST HATE IT!! -  when you've been working on your computer for 'hours' and produced your best work ever and then......

...for "no apparent reason"....... your computer crashes!!

Quite apart from the initial frustration of having to re-boot your computer (if you can), you then realise you haven't saved your work for a while, you panic as you've probably 'lost everything' you've been working on, and you're now behind schedule as YOU'VE JUST WASTED THE WHOLE MORNING!!

You feel the uncontrollable urge to kick everything that comes in range of your foot and you let out an ALMIGHTY SCREEEEAM!!

Yes, I've been there on more than one occasion, (I never seem to learn!) and no, we don't have cats anymore!

But when we've calmed down, we eventually just get on with doing everything again and accept we've just been 'unlucky' (if not a little bit stupid!) and really, we've just lost a few hours of our valuable time. We remind ourselves that "there are worst things in life that can happen"!

But what if your computer hard drive fails, or (shock horror), your lap top is stolen?

Or maybe you are the victim of some horrible virus which has wiped your computer clean?

Now that's really serious because now you really have lost everything on your computer, even if you backed it up!

If you want to 'cut to the chase', click here to easily solve the problem.

I speak from experience when I tell you that I lost 3 years of important data a few years ago plus some irreplaceable family photographs when some "%#&^+£~##*" broke into my car!

I was not happy and not a nice person to be close to for quite a long time! The inconvenience was horrendous and the worst thing of all was I knew about external back up software but 'hadn't gotten around to getting it'!

Only then did I finally submit to installing good back up software which automatically saves all your work and files on a secure external server, accessable only by you from any computer via your dedicated password.

Should it ever happen again, I know I can just download all my saved data and restore it to my new computer as if nothing had happened. Peace of mind at last.

But why oh why did I leave it so long?

Isn't it true that sometimes you have to experience something awful to wake you up to doing something about it!

These days we all depend on our computers as a way of life. I strongly advise everyone to invest in back up software - it's ridiculously cheap and easy to install and will rescue all your hard work should the inevitable ever happen. Most importantly, you need never worry about losing your data and files again. It's absolutely brilliant. 

I was talking with Matt at Polaris Computer Services, in Corby who also encourages everyone to securely back up their data externally and through his contacts has managed to secure some very privileged prices (a 20% discount) for a limited number of the top branded 'Cloud Elephant' back up software, exclusive to 'Best of Corby' readers (that's you!).

Click this special link to find out all about it, and if you still have questions, please give Matt a call - 01536 384591. He's an expert and is there to help you avoid this kind of disaster.

My advice - learn from my mistake - don't put it off, take advantage of this excellent deal now - just do it as tomorrow might be too late!

Click the link

Best regards

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