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19th May 2011
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By joining the Best of Corby, I know I am getting involved in something really special.

I feel both privileged and excited to witness our town growing in stature and respect each day, to the benefit of its proud community and local businesses.

And even though I sometimes struggle to calculate the best and safest route to walk down George Street (so as not to get in the way of workmen and traffic), I see progress every day and I witness the 'satisfaction of a job well done' on peoples' faces as another new paving stone is artistically laid.

It's not surprising that over 2000 people have already joined The Best of Corby with many more joining every day. If you think about it, it's really no longer necessary to have to shop in neighbouring towns - we've got it all here now together with the best local recreation and amenities to suit all tastes and ages. The town has come alive and we want to shout about it!

So for my opening blog post, I'd like to appeal to the rest of Corby residents who have not yet joined to get behind the 'BUY LOCAL' campaign, and take full advantage of the high quality, superb value and sheer passion of our dedicated local businesses.

Grab your opportunity and show your support by signing up (it's FREE!) through the Best of Corby website right here, to access the great special offers, informative newsletters, and regular updates of popular forthcoming events around the town. And, you will be automatically entered into the regular prize draws. Do you think an extra £5K worth of shopping vouchers might come in handy this Christmas?

So please, continue to help and make this a bumper summer for Corby this year and  remember to endorse your favourite businesses by clicking the 'recommend a business' tab at the top of this web page.

Just add a brief but descriptive few comments to tell us why you feel they are so good. You'll receive the eternal gratitude of your fellow Corby residents and visitors who want to spend their hard earned cash wisely. I suspect the local business owner in question might want to shake your hand aswell!

Thank you so much to everyone for your loyal support. Watch out for future posts from me. I'll be regularly offering some simple but very effective marketing tips for business owners, and I'll be sharing some great stories I've collected over the years.

And of course I'll be welcoming our newest business members as they get on board this exciting ride!

Talk again soon.

Simon Perry
The Best of Corby

And author of "Preparing for Excellence" - 12 module online marketing course for care managers.

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