Burns Night 2012 in Corby and its Traditions
15th January 2012
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Traditions of Burns Night:

After all the recent festivities, you might be forgiven for thinking 'that's it for another year' in Corby.

But for many of us, the month of January would not be complete without enjoying a good 'Burns Night' supper!

Of course the most dedicated purists might argue that there are strict guidelines to observe when creating a true Burns supper, (eg no women allowed!), but a more modern society welcomes all on (or around) January 25th who would like to celebrate the life and works of the great Scottish poet, Robert (Rabbie) Burns, their Scottish culture and heritage in a less formal way!

If you haven't been to a Burns night before (where have you been?), the essential components are guests (of course!), a 'piper' (preferably a reasonably competent one!), a traditional Burns supper menu (eg: Cock-a-leakie soup, Haggis with neeps and tatties, Clootie Dumpling or Scottish Trifle, Bannocks and Cheese, Coffee/Tea), a chairperson (with a big sense of humour), speakers and entertainers, and an ever consistent flow of traditional Scottish alcohol engulfed in some exagerated pomp and ceremony! After all, the main ingredient is 'fun'!

A typical running order might be:

'Piping in' of the top table guests while the rest of us clap in time to the deafening music,
- a welcome from the chairperson, followed by a recital of the 'selkirk' grace,(written of course by Rabbie Burns himself)
- serving of the soup course
- Parade of the Haggis (the chef follows the piper and having addressed the haggis with the appropriate poem, slices it open  in front of the chairperson with a ceremonial 'dirk', (although any old knife will probably do!).
 - The meal is served before a more serious speech is given to mark the occasion, followed by various recitals and general high humoured entertainment, including 'a toast to the lassies', (not always complimentary!), and an appropriate reply from the 'lassies' (to put us menfolk firmly back in our place!).

So where can you find a good Burns night supper in Corby this year!

Well of course with Scottish origins, many will be hosting their own parties, but if you are looking for a night out, then I recommend you click on the Best of Corby 'events' webpage regularly for other latest news and venues as it comes in this week.

So whether or not you can boast Scottish heritage, you really should not miss out on this great fun night out in Corby!

Enjoy, Best regards,

Simon Perry
The Best of Corby

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