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World Blood Donor Day is tomorrow 14th June and today see’s the start of National Blood Week in England and Wales. What better reason for us to get up and spare some blood? Will you do something amazing today and give blood in Chesterfield?
Well it must be said,what an absolutely fabulous event the Derbyshire Food and Drink Fair 2011 was! If you don't already know this took place at Hardwick Hall and Thebestof Chesterfield had a stall there and were raising funds on behalf of Ashgate Hospice.
Take a moment to think about how you feel when someone helps you out without being asked, gives you a gift that you weren't expecting, or provides a smile when you feel down? It’s a great feeling isn’t it, a warm fuzzy sensation making you feel special...
Come and join us at The Derbyshire Food and Drink Festival 2011 at Hardwick Hall this week-end, 21st & 22nd May 2011. We will be running a competition to raise funds for Ashgate Hospice and you have the chance to win a Nikon Coolpix Camera!!
The Chesterfield Canal actually runs for 46 miles and 11 miles have been fully restored since 1989 including 36 locks and 11 bridges. Even with just 9 miles left to restore obviously a lot of manpower and money is still required to complete the work.
Ashgate Hospice Angels!!
Ashgate Hospice Angels!!
Last week I had the greatest pleasure of meeting 2 of Ashgates Angels, Emily and Rebecca part of the fundraising team at Ashgate Hospice.
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