DO! ARK...Do an Act of Random Kindness in Chesterfield
22nd May 2011
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Take a moment to think.....  How do you feel when someone helps you out without being asked, gives you a gift that you were not expecting, or provides a smile when you feel down?  It’s a great feeling isn’t it, a warm fuzzy sensation making you feel special just for an instant but which will last longer than you imagine as every time you remember that moment of kindness you smile again.


DO! ARK is just that, a week of challenging you, the people of Chesterfield to DO! an Act of Random Kindness to someone you meet.  Not necessarily someone you know but a person you come across between Sunday 22 – Monday 30 May 2011.  You could be buying coffee in one of the many coffee shops and you offer to buy the person in the queue next to you their coffee, or you see someone struggling with their many bags of shopping so you ask if you can help or simply a smile as you hold open the door as someone walks by.  On the other hand you could make a sign and hold it up declaring ‘free hugs’ or how about organising a shoe shine at a local venue.  Maybe a few of you could get together and come up with your own creative idea of how you could DO! an Act of Random Kindness during this week.  As simple or as creative as you like – it will make a difference to someone!


Why DO! ARK and why this week?  On Monday 30 May churches in Chesterfield will gather at the town hall steps as they have done for 161 years (the Walk of Witness, Whit Walk, Procession of Witness – it is known by a few names and now always held on Spring Bank Holiday) and celebrate their faith.  It starts at 09.45 am if you would like to come along. DO! ARK was started because we want to make a difference in our town and it was a simple way for everyone to join in – an Act of Random Kindness which we hope people will pass forward.  Like a stone thrown into water causing the ripple effect.


Join in and tell others – spread the word and if someone is kind to you – pass it forward!!


If you would like more information or to tell us what you have been doing or about the kindness you have received – go to:



Also the Derbyshire Times are supporting us and you can email them at:

Or leave a comment below.  However you do it, we would love to hear about what you have done, as your Act of Random Kindness.


Oh…and my aim… for every year to get bigger and better.  My aim is in five years time to have teams of people volunteering so we can clean up parks; paint community centres, tidy up gardens as well as the individual acts of random kindness.  Basically a week that the people of Chesterfield know about and want to be part of - as well known in the town as Comic Relief, Children in Need or even the London Marathon (or maybe the FA Cup Final for those who follow football!!).  I even have my sister saying she would like to do it next year - she lives in Coventry!!

What do you think – can we do it?


Courtesy of Debs Lodge - the person behind DO! ARK

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