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Scam Alert

18 November 2014 15:22

Christmas is fast approaching, Royal Mail & The Trading Standards Office are making people aware of the following scam:

How to find a good electrician in the Chepstow area

When planning electrical work in the home or office, it is important that the right person carries out the work.

3 tips to help you when buying used parts for a vehicle

Buying second hand parts can save huge amounts of money and if you buy from a reputable dealer, you will get a warranty with your purchase.

Loved and Local Awards

21 February 2014 11:34

The Loved and Local Campaign was a huge success for local businesses in Chepstow.

Looking for a builder?

13 February 2014 11:56

Having building or home improvement work done can be difficult and stressful. But there are certain things you can do before you employ builders to try and make sure the job goes as smoothly as possible.

Not all carpenters are the same

13 February 2014 11:49

Having repairs, renovations and other work done can be a timely and expensive process.

Welsh Water to carry out major works

Welsh Water will start essential work to upgrade the water network on Thomas Street Chepstow on 3rd February.

Chepstow Rotary Club sponsors local teenager

Hope Knowles, 17, was chosen by Chepstow Rotary Club to take part in The Rotary Youth Leadership Award.

Diving Centre to receive £1M investment

Have you visited the Chepstow National Diving and Activity Centre?

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