How to find a good electrician in the Chepstow area
4th November 2014
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You need to be very careful while employing an electrician to carry out work in your home or business premises. 

This isn't just looking at the bottom line price, it is about what you get for what you pay for and most importantly that the electrician carrying out the work is qualified and registered to do so. An unqualified electrician can make just a small mistake which could result in a serious accident. There are a lot of people who claim to be electricians so you need to ensure that they are fully qualified.

Good electricians take pride in their work and will have built up a solid reputation based on many years of hard work, there are also many keen electricians who are new to the industry who are anxious to make a good impression.

So where do you look to find an electrician? The best option is to ask your family or friends for recommendations. If someone has done a good job, their customers will always be happy to recommend their services. You could also make enquiries in a local electric retail shop as they may recommend electricians to their customers.

Most people do not check that their electrician is qualified. This is fundamental to ensure your electrician is who they say they are. All reputable electricians are happy to show you the qualifications they hold. Once you find a qualified electrician, have a detailed discussion with him about your requirements.

Do not be afraid to ask the electrician questions. Many electricians will have a portfolio of work to show you or work done for past customers they are happy to show you. Also check on first impressions, does their work wear display their company logo? This shows pride. Do they turn up on time when they say to carry out the quotation?

Know exactly what you are paying for before accepting a quotation, such as what kind of guarantee the work will have. Most work is covered by a guarantee issued by the electrical governing body the electrician is registered with. This means that if a problem develops in the future and you cannot contact the electrician who carried out the work, you can go to the governing body directly and they will find an electrician to carry out the work on your behalf.

Finally, always check the electrician has insurance, this is your peace of mind that should a mistake or error occur (and it can happen) that the insurance is valid and a claim can be made. Spending some time choosing the right electrician for your electrical job can save you a lot of stress and expense

Once you are happy that the electrician is qualified, have a detailed discussion about your requirements. A good electrician will also assist/advise you in buying the best products if you are having major work carried out.

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