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Since the consultation I have been following your advice, and taking the supplements you recommended, and I am pleased to report that I have felt very much better. The bloatedness and abdominal discomfort have improved to the point where it is no longer a problem.

Thanks again for your help.
Something very strange is happening, after the horrible headaches cleared I feel brighter, also I'm sleeping for longer which is
fantastic. The other thing I'm feeling good about is, it’s not too hard to stick to. I've been 100% for a whole week, even with going out for dinner.
My four year old son has always had behaviour problems. As a toddler he went through every negative behaviour imaginable (biting, hitting, pinching, weeing everywhere and wrecking the house, toys, games, etc).

A friend whose child seemed to have similar problems to mine suggested a Vega test with Linda. By this time I was desperate enough to try anything. He had the test and tested intolerant to many foods including dairy products and additives.

On Linda’s advice we changed Leos diet, cut out all the junk food and started to enjoy family meals. The effect was immediate, overnight he changed from a violent hyperactive child who seemed out of control to a nicer little boy, a joy to have and best of all he could be trusted outside the house. We’ve even taken him Xmas shopping something we wouldn’t have considered before.

Thanks to Linda for all your help and Advice.
Thank you ever so much for the Vitamin B-complex supplement. It has changed my life!!!
I am really feeling much better and can handle whatever life throws at me. I am not constantly tired and drained....and at times, very tearful and irritable. I have started to take the iron tablets as well.....

How long can I take these vitamin-B supplements? Should they only be used for a period of time.....for example until our lives are back on track again.....or can I continue to use them. They are of great help.....I feel so much better.

Thanks again....Christmas will now be a holiday I am looking forward to...I did not a few weeks ago...
I am getting back to you as promised, having followed your nutritional advice for several weeks now.

I am no longer having headaches as the tumour I had previously has now entirely resolved. Whether or not this was due to the nutritional changes, I could not say. However, I can definitely say that I had experienced very positive effects to my health in cutting out coffee and adding magnesium to my diet. I feel very much better now than I did a couple of months ago.

Many thanks for your help.
Thanks Linda for all your help. Since you diagnosed her aspartame and citric acid allergy we have obviously stopped her consuming it and have found she is now sleeping better, and concentrating better as well as obviously her teeth are no longer hurting her so thank you so much.
I feel so much better and have had no problems at all with my sinuses this winter. I can hardly believe it when I think how awful they were last year.
Hi, I am the mother of young 10 year old boy. About 18 months ago his primary school asked me to have him assessed for ADHD. Ryan’s behaviour at this time was aggressive; he struggled to concentrate, was performing very badly at school, and was totally disruptive in class. He couldn’t sit still long enough to eat a family meal, and was constantly chattering, utter rubbish most of the time. So I took him to be assessed, he was diagnosed with ADHD. The doctor prescribed Ritalin and pushed us out the door.

Ryan’s behaviour did improve when the medication was effective, it would, he was drugged, but either side of the medication i.e. first thing in the morning and last thing at night, his behaviour was much worse. The doctor just said this was normal and dismissed it. How many of you reading this finds this a familiar story.

Then I read a book on alternative approaches to ADHD, ie Nutritional and Homeopathy. No mother wants her child to take amphetamines, so, on recommendation, I found Linda.

Ryan had a Vega test he showed as being dairy intolerant and intolerant to many of the additives. I changed his diet completely, and started him on Vitamin supplements. I also took him to see a Homeopath. Ryan’s behaviour improved but at times he still seemed to reacting to something and I could work out what. So Linda recommended a Hair analysis. This showed that Ryan was struggling to maintain his sugar levels. Linda advised an intensive three months of supplements, and the homeopath prescribed something to help the pancreas.

All that ended two months ago. Ryan is now so much calmer. His relationships at home are so much better, before he felt so insecure and pushed away, that has all changed, people have patience with him, and hence he feels so much more secure and loved. At school he is now able to concentrate, and at long last has friends.

It has been a long, long, LONG, hard road. But the effect Nutrition has had on my little boy has b
Just a note to say thanks. I came to see you about 6 months ago. You told me the cause of severe migraines I had been getting for years.

Since the consultation I have stopped eating foods containing these additives, and haven't had a single migraine, in fact headaches have practically stopped altogether. I am over the moon, as no doctor had been able to tell me what was causing them and I probably would never have found out.

I recently changed jobs and this has been a godsend as the migraines used to affect my work quite regularly.

Thanks again.
I am feeling so much better with the pain virtually gone. I saw my consultant last week who signed me off so I'm pretty pleased with the results of the treatment. Thank you.
Further to my appointment on the 6th May I thought I would let you know of my progress.

Over the last 5 weeks I have seen positive improvements. Gradually my energy levels have returned and I have suffered less headaches and digestive problems.

Overall I am feeling much better.

Once again thank you very much for your advice and detailed diet and recipe sheets you sent me.
This is just to let you know, my daughter’s tongue has practically cleared up, her eczema on her legs has gone and her behavior has completely changed for the better. I am so pleased and she is so much happier and it hasn't even been a week yet.

Thank you so much
I am pleased to report that I am feeling 500% better with bags more energy and my skin is much improved. Thanks so much for such a great consultation and all the follow up contact since.
Thanks you so much I have just been having a read through of everything you sent to me. The nutrition plan looks most helpful and inspirational.

I found the consultation with you so informative and although I cannot believe that I waited so long to have these tests done, I am glad that I had them done with you.

I thought that the appointment was really well structured and I was able to leave with confidence that I could properly begin to address my health issues given the huge discoveries that were made in such a short space of time.

Once again, Thank You Linda!
The 'Diet' is still going well I have lost over 6 pounds since our consultation and just feel so much better in myself.

Thanks again for all your help.
We are both feeling so much better. We have more energy and no dips in energy and no migraines, so thank you!

We love your recipe for chocolate mousse and are slowly trying some of the others out.

Thanks again.
I certainly did find the consultation very useful and your recommendations have already been put into practice, I realise that although my diet is fairly healthy, I do need more variety and I shall enjoy experimenting with your recipes.

I feel that many people would find the whole experience very beneficial.
Upon seeing Linda in March 2009, I discovered that I have a Candida problem. Linda recommended a strict diet with supplements to clear me of this. I stuck to this diet and now feel 100 times better, even my bladder problem has improved.

I have lost 2st 2lb and still losing slowly, I have lots more energy.

I have discussed Linda's approach to well being to lots of family and friends.

I'm very pleased and glad to have seen Linda and will be returning for check ups.
Many thanks for all the help, things have been so much more stable, with one less thing to worry about! Have had much improvement on everything. Thought it would be a lot harder than it has been.
I would highly recommend Linda's service to anyone who is looking to gain clarity about potential allergies and unanswered health issues. I had delayed having these tests done for years as I was trying to fathom out the problems by guessing or trial and error. Linda was efficient and highly informative and has designed a really interesting, supportive nutritional programme for me now. I also know for sure which foods cause the trouble I had been experiencing for over a decade and they weren't the ones I I wouldn't recommend self diagnosis. I have already passed on Linda's details to so many people because I feel lots better and my nutrition makes good sense now....Thank you!
When I discovered that I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in February 2008 I was devestated and bewildered by my GPs statement that there wasn't really anything traditional medicine oould do to solve the problem. Having previously visited Linda Perkins I used her advice again with great results. Thanks
Linda is quietly confident and offers sound advice. Happy to recommend her to anybody who has a problem with allergies.
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