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What's on in Cardigan and Teifi Valley 20th-26th November 2015

I hate to ask but I’m going to: are you feeling festive yet?

What's on in Cardigan and Teifi Valley 13th - 19th November 2015

Mid-November already? How on earth did that happen?!

What's on in Cardigan and Teifi Valley 6th-11th November 2015

November - Short days and cold nights. Grab a cup of something warming and have a read through what's happening this week...

What's on in Cardigan and Teifi Valley this weekend

Here's a list of events to help you make the most of your free time!

What's on in Cardigan and Teifi Valley Half-term and Halloween

Just some of the things to do and see over the last week in October

What's on in Cardigan and Teifi Valley 1st-8th October 2015

Make the most of what's on in our area!

Opera? Shakespeare? Great film?

02 September 2015 10:16

There is so much great entertainment coming up at Theatr Mwldan in Cardigan this Autumn, it’s hard to choose. Live broadcasts of opera and Shakespeare, plus some great films are all on the programme. Here’s a taster.

Theatr Mwldan Film Society

11 August 2015 11:14

Set to reel out its new season from this September is the award winning Theatr Mwldan Film Society with 30 new movies to show between this Autumn and next Spring.

Great music festival for all the family

A music entertainment event for all the family takes place on August 28th and 29th in a beautiful countryside setting just north of Cardigan. The Gŵyl Crug Mawr Festival 2015 has plenty of free activities for children, plus some great music from some of the best bands in Wales.

Where can I see dolphins and seals?

One of the biggest attractions for visitors to the Cardigan Bay coast is the fantastic views they can get of the many bottlenose dolphins that live in the area – and the porpoises, seals and flocks of sea birds too. You can go dolphin-spotting from anywhere along the coast, but taking a boat trip is a great way to get close to them, and to see the birds that nest on the cliffs.

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