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Don’t put your customers on hold…

You don't put calls from potential customers on hold, but do you know someone who does?

Too scared to move office?

Did you know that business owners fear moving office more than most other procedures?

Have your Christmas Cake & eat it!

…two weeks of call-answering over the Christmas period thats the 22nd Dec – 4th Jan! for only £49.99 Including all working days.

How to keep your customers satisfied..

10 Inspirational Customer Service Quotes For Summer 2014 by Ade Moss

Telephone answering: 10 fascinating (no really!) facts

If you thought the world of telephone answering was dull, think again.

The 4 C's of telephone answering..

So, you’re ready to transform the customer service of your business with an amazing call answering service.

Great...where do you start?

Off the Cuff, or Off the Script?

The beauty of specialisation is the ability to become highly skilled and experienced in one particular field of work.

Missed an Important Call? Follow our Etiquette Guide

Been waiting for that important call all day? need the loo? guess what? you will miss that call. Worry not: with these useful tips from, your missed call etiquette will be without equal.

Nice weather for ducks.

14 February 2014 15:13

Its nearly spring, supposedly, yet I find myself writing the blog with my doleful, wizened face pressed against the window, peering pensively at the sky.....

Need some inspiration to kick off the new year?

These 15 Inspirational Quotes helped give us the kickstart we needed to try to make 2014 a truly memorable year for See if they inspire you too, better still, why not share yours with us....

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