4 ways to make your home a cracker this Christmas
27th October 2016
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With Christmas just two months away, it’s time to think about getting your home ready for your festive guests.

It’s a great time to plan a pre-Christmas clean to ensure your home is spick and span for your friends and family and to provide a great basis for your Christmas decorations.

Here are four ways to make your house a Christmas cracker:

1.      Clean your carpets and rugs.

Get them cleaned professionally. DIY remedies tend to just take the top level of dust and grime out of your carpets.

Gerwyn Jones of Mr Jones’s Cleaning Company in Cardiff has 30 years of experience in dealing with domestic and commercial carpets.

He says: “There are very good reasons for getting the job done professionally.

“Dirt, grit, and sand from your shoes or pets’ paws get trapped at the bottom of your carpet pile and when you walk on your carpets, the pieces of grit and sand start to cut your carpet fibres.

“Professional cleaners can lift all of that grit and sand and dirt out of your carpets. If you don’t get them cleaned professionally, your carpets tend to wear out faster.

“Bacteria and viruses also collect in the carpet fibres – your carpet acts as a filter not allowing them back onto the air in your room.

“Those filters need cleaning as regularly as you can to ensure bacteria and viruses are removed, helping you keep your home healthy. It also helps keep your home smelling sweet – the bacteria and viruses tend to be the cause of fusty smells in carpets.

“First impressions also count for your visitors – your carpet is often the first thing they see inside your home.”

Don’t forget your rugs – most homes with hardwood floors have them and they need cleaning for the same reasons as your carpets.

2.      Steam clean your oven.

If you’re cooking at Christmas, make sure your oven’s ready for the festive feast with a steam cleaning.

3.      Wash or dry clean your duvets and vacuum your mattresses.

Give your house guests a fresh bedtime experience with newly-cleaned duvets. Make sure you get rid of house dust by vacuuming your mattresses.

This is very important for any guests suffering from respiratory conditions like asthma. It’s recommended that for anyone with asthma, bedding is washed at a minimum of 60C to ensure dust mites are killed as many asthmatics are allergic to them and find their presence a trigger for chest problems.

4.      Clean your skirting boards, picture rails, and coving.

Wash down skirting boards and vacuum and wipe down picture rails and coving before you put up Christmas decorations.

There’s nothing worse than your visitors spotting stains on the skirting or a spider’s web in a corner as they check out your Christmas display.

Mr Jones’s Cleaning Company has an autumn offer for half price carpet protector with its professional cleans.

Mr Jones says: “The protector stops your carpet fibres wearing away as you walk on them as it covers and protects those fibres, it stops spills becoming deep stains, and it makes vacuuming easier as it keeps dirt and grit on the surface of your carpet.

“We recommend it because it enhances the lifespan of your carpet.”

Need a free quote for a professional clean of your carpet before Christmas? Call Mr Jones’s Cleaning Company on 02920 810692. Find out more about the company’s services here.


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