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Happy Anniversary

08 November 2010 12:15

Who'd have thought I'd been writing thebestof Canterbury's blog for a year?
And what a year for local business it's been...

How To Recover From The Recession...

... in a few simple steps.
As the UK tentatively fumbles it's way out of near-fiscal failure, thebestof Canterbury understands it's largely possible to the tenacity of our own local businesses. Help them to help us this Christmas and shop locally!

More Effective Marketing At Christmas

Some simple ideas on maximising your marketing capabilities this holiday season.

Make Yourself Less Attractive This Christmas

This Christmas, Canterbury city centre will hopefully be heaving with shoppers spending their hard-earned cash in our local businesses. The only people unwelcome in our city centre are thieves, wouldn't you say? Some simple ideas for safer shopping...

Dining Out This Christmas in Canterbury

With some of the best dining listed in the South East, thebestof Canterbury can help you find the perfect Christmas Menu - check out our Business Directory and book early to avoid disappointment.

What's on in Canterbury This Christmas?

As always there's loads going on throughout Canterbury this winter season, and we'll do our best to keep you posted, but you can always help us get information for more events out there.

Let There be Light

01 November 2010 14:51

Details of this year's Canterbury Christmas Lights Big Switch On - I can't wait...

Essential Tips For Winter

01 November 2010 14:44

Preparing your home for winter could save you a lot of grief later on - here are some ideas that might help.

More Bonfire Night Events to Enjoy Around Canterbury

Information about even more Bonfire Night and Firework displays for all the family in and around Canterbury this Autumn

Oooh Ahhh It's Bonfire Night

28 October 2010 15:14

Follow some essential safety advice this Bonfire and Firework night - and don't turn the Oohs and Ahhs into Eeeks and Arrghhhs.

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