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8th November 2010
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It's been a great pleasure to write for thebestof Canterbury Blog, for just over a year now since November 2009.

The doors are open now on other projects for me however, and this will be my last post on the blog.

Whilst I'm looking forward to what the future holds, I can't help but look back over the last year for everything that's been going on for thebestof Canterbury, and our wonderful City itself.

We've been able to share fetes and festivals, markets, shopping tips, problems, events, special offers, and much more - the best, in fact, that out local businesses and residents have to offer.

Thebestof Canterbury has always been an avid campaigner for all things local, and will continue to champion the best of our local businesses.

I hope this online community will go on from strength to strength, an ambition largely realised by the attitudes and support of Canterbury residents themselves. We have a wealth of architecture, history, attractions and the like in Canterbury, and it's already a very popular tourist attraction. We must continue to promote this, whilst remembering that it's not just the tourist trade that sustains us. Shopping locally where possible and making the most of our talented tradespeople all contributes towards boosting our local economy - which in turn benefits the region and City as a whole.

I'm not leaving the area, so will still be involved in local events and activities. Canterbury is a wonderfully diverse place to live, and since moving here we've enjoyed its energy enormously. Plus we've been made to feel very welcome by our neighbours {hic!}

It's with some sadness that I leave thebestof Canterbury's blog, although I will still be involved in and support all thebestof's activities and campaigns.

So I bid you au revoir - but wish all the best to our brave local business men and women - without their positivity and drive, Canterbury would be just another dot on the map. Help them to make it's mark!



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