Make Yourself Less Attractive This Christmas
8th November 2010
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This Christmas, Canterbury City centre will hopefully be heaving with shoppers spending their hard-earned cash in our local businesses. The only people unwelcome in our wonderful city centre are thieves, wouldn't you say?

The most effective way to discourage petty thieving (although it doesn't feel petty if you're the victim), is to minimise the opportunity for these sneaky opportunists.

Here are a few simple tips for making yourself and your property less of a target - some are simply common sense, but a reminder never hurt:

- Keep all bags - including shopping bags, handbags, laptop bags and parcels - out of sight in your car.
- Don't leave newly-bought wrapping paper on display. It could be a clue you might have other things of interest in there.
- Remember to not only remove mobile phones and sat navs, but put the cradles and holders out of sight as well. Even the tell-tale mark of a sucker on your windscreen could be enough to attract a would-be thief.
- If possible park in open obvious places - hard I know in busy city centre car parks, but I usually try to park close to payment machines for example, as there will be a lot of foot-traffic nearby - not very private for a thief.
- Remember to keep handbags done up properly, purses, phones and keys buried deep at the bottom not resting on top, and try to keep your bag tucked safely to the front of you or under your arm - it doesn't take a second to cut a shoulder strap and snatch a bag from round by your back.
- Make sure you keep your wits about you when taking cash out of machines, covering your hand as you enter your pin number, and stashing the readies safely and discretely before turning away from the machine.

The least opportunity we give opportunists, the safer you will be. Don't fall foul to sneak thieves and charlatans this Christmas.

Here at thebestof Canterbury we always promote local spending and want to ensure shopping in Canterbury stays an enjoyable experience.



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