More Effective Marketing At Christmas
8th November 2010
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I recently came across a blog post from last year on thebestof Croydon, and thought the advice it pointed to was well worth sharing with business owners and managers in Canterbury.

It dealt with the issue of marketing at busy times like Christmas, and mistakes some businesses make over the festive holiday period.

Most businesses are snowed under in the latter months of the year tidying up matters before perhaps closing for Christmas then embracing the New Year. It's often the time of year that business owners are less inclined to launch a marketing campaign, although it is often the best time they could.

What better excuse to send your clients greetings in the form of a Christmas card - as personalised as possible, it makes people feel more special to you as a business - or a sneaky gift? It's worth getting creative on this point, to seal you in people's memories more firmly.

Some clients have an end of year budget they need to use up, so it's a perfect opportunity to utilise potential spending.

Starr Hall's article of last year for covers these points and more, as she explores common mistakes and misconceptions made in marketing at this time of year.

And hey, if it's too late for your marketing this year, it gives you plenty of time to change your thinking throughout next year...



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