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Giving back to customers is at the forefront of this local dealership in Bury, read more here!
Driving school GDT, based in Bury, are giving their customers much more with their Platinum Card, thanks to LNK Motors.
Learning to drive doesn't have to be costly with GDT driving school in Bury.
The latest business to join thebestofbury is LNK Motors, providing customers with high quality, used vehicles, all in a fantastic condition.
GDT Platinum Card!
GDT Platinum Card!
GDT - The Best Value for Money Driver Training in the North West
Learning to drive can be a very difficult task for some people. GDT’s friendly approach to driving tuition guarantees to take away all those worries.
The winter weather is on its way, so it’s important to make sure you and your car are ready for adverse conditions on the roads. Read on for Graham’s useful tips when it comes to winter driving.
This can a nerve-wracking situation for new drivers - however, Graham from GDT gives us his professional advice in this useful blog.
What single most part of the body is the most important when driving? Quite simply this award goes to the eyes. Just think about it, if you haven’t seen a hazard / road sign etc how can you expect your hands / feet to steer or brake to deal with it?
Winter roads can be rather scary to say the least, especially if you are a new inexperienced or nervy driver but there are things that you can do to help yourself.
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