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Bury College are partnering with local employers to offer substantial industry placements to their T Level students.
North Lancs Training Group (NLTG) offer structured Apprenticeships with opportunities to study, and apprentices will earn whilst they learn, with the bonus of making a good impression on the people you are apprenticed to with the prospect of a career as you show your ability within their team/working environment.
Apprenticeships are an exciting option for both the apprentice and the employer. As an employer, you could receive funding from the government to help pay for apprenticeship training for those aged between 16 and 18.
Square Peg Associates Ltd is Celebrating 10yrs since its founding and is doing so with a brand-new website!
This is the time of year when Bury College is encouraging employers to take on one or more school leaver apprentices to mutual benefit. Candidates will be work ready in just a few weeks and they will be keen to get started on their future ambitions.
Leeway/Platinum Care is committed to providing state-of-the-art compassionate home care through their team of top quality highly trained Care Professionals.
Square Peg Associates has expanded its team to drive forward the New Year with even more positivity after a great 2021! They have added two exciting new members to augment an already powerful Team of Recruitment Professionals.
Our highly regarded Award-Winning company Senior Waste Removals is a team of specialists who take care of House Clearances and refuse removal with care and awareness that houses were once someone’s home and need to treated with sensitivity and respected as such.
Tina of Attention for Detail is as good as the name of her business with an eye for detail and a fine talent for the many jobs that she can do around the house.
North Lancs Training Group, NLTG, is looking to add new members to their ‘Business Bank’ who are willing to support NLTG by offering work placements.
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