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In May 2020, Daisy D said:
I’ve reviewed this before an as it had a positive impact.However I stopped using it for about 2-3 weeks, I think because I was feeling ok. But after working from home , I was starting to ache when moving around. I’ve restarted and now much more flexibly and far less aches and pains.
In May 2020, Laura W said:
I have been taking this product since this company opened. It is the best on the market. Many of the other companies selling this do not have enough curcumin in them. Yellow Pup have done the perfect mix and these tablets have made a real positive difference to my life. My nerves are damaged and inflamed after I had a severe spinal injury in 2012. I now hardly have any pain and would highly recommend yellow Pup to anyone and everyone
In May 2020, Jenny V said:
Fantastic product Been on this for 6 weeks now and saw the difference on day 4. I have been using Yellow Pup for anti inflammatory to help with painful joints caused by arthritis and it's really made an impact in this cold weather. I would recommend to anyone who has similar issues Taking something natural rather than over the counter or on prescription is really great. Let's hope the doctors see all the amazing results too.
In May 2020, Janette L said:
I have had a poor immune system since my daughter was born almost 4 years ago. It just didn't seem to kick back in after she arrived, perhaps due to the extreme sleep deprivation! Since ending up hospitalised with pneumonia exactly this time 2 years ago I have tried Floradix, vitamin c, multivitamins... nothing seemed to help and I seemed to come down with every cold/bug going! I started taking Yellow Pup in October and so far no hugely debilitating long drawn out winter illness! There's so much going around at the moment and I still can't quite believe I've still not been utterly floored by any of these nasty germs! All I can think is it must be the Yellow Pup capsules - it's the only thing I've done differently this year. I would highly recommend anyone with a low immune system give it a try this winter!
In May 2020, Peter C said:
After I pulled a back muscle triggering sciatica, I was pointed towards Yellow Pup. I took two a day and within four days the inflammation in my back had subsided. I was competing in a 10k race ten days later with no after effects. Really recommend this as a alternative medication as I didn't want to take lots of pharmaceuticals.
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