Fired Paint A Pot Café
  • 7 Peter Street, Bury, UK
    BL9 6AB
Fired Paint a Pot Café: A World of Colour and Creativity

Nestled just a five-minute walk from The Rock in Bury, Fired Paint a Pot Cafe is more than just a café - it's a vibrant hub for creativity and family fun. This friendly pottery painting cafe invites everyone to dive into the world of artistic expression.

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Choose from hundreds of pots, with prices ranging from around £6 to £40. Paint your masterpiece and leave it for professional glazing and firing, ready to be collected in 1-2 weeks.


Workshops and Evenings for Adults

The café organises a variety of workshops and special painting evenings for adults, offering a perfect escape into the world of art and relaxation.

Savoury Delights for the Creative Soul

While you create, enjoy some of the best coffee in town, along with a selection of small snacks, ensuring a delightful and satisfying experience.


Fired Paint a Pot Cafe offers fun and creative party experiences for children. They have packages available to view on their website for the important day! For larger parties or younger children, arrangements can be made. They also provide invites, a special pottery item for the birthday child, and various food packages. Additionally, the cafe hosts baby showers, hen dos, and other events.


Discover More

Creativity extends beyond crafts to culinary delights. They offer decorate-your-own ice cream for children and quality coffee for adults, along with a variety of small snacks to keep the creative juices flowing.

For more information on workshops, pottery choices, and more, visit

Fired Paint a Pot Cafe is not just about painting pots; it's about creating memories, sharing laughs, and enjoying the little artistic journey in each of us.

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