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We Do Code provide a wide variety of IT Consultancy services to businesses of all sizes, as well as a range of software development and hosting solutions.

At We Do Code, the team believe every business can sell their products and/or services online in one way or another and we have made it our mission to get out there and help as many businesses as possible realise their potential with the right online strategy.

Who they are - 

We Do Code was founded in 2020 by David Beere, Tamas Dobo and Graeme Lambert. With each running their own businesses, on their own with a range of their own clients, they came together to combine their years of experience in helping international brands grow to provide an even better service to all clients.

David is Managing Director and he has worked in a range of roles, including as a developer, project and programme manager, consultant,director and CIO. David was part of the delivery of the first cloud-based deployment within the Nuclear Sector and was previously the Operations Director at Mace Group Ltd.

Tamas is Technical Director and he specialises in architecture design and software development. Tamas has worked on a range of different areas including payment card processing software for Eckoh, building a
new microservice architecture of ticket comparison website TickXand evenworked for the Hungarian Police for 5 years implementing a variety ofsolutions to help the police force be more efficient.

Graeme is Creative Director and specialises in ecommerce software development and mobile app development. Graeme was the Technical Lead at Missguided, focused on improving the speed and the performance of the website to ultimately facilitate an average of 6 orders per second on Black Friday. Graeme has also worked for a number of other international brands including,, and more.

IT Consultancy

Not every business has an in-house IT guru to help them with their online strategy planning. This is where We Do Code can come in and help you with a range of IT consultancy services.

The team will look at your overall business goals for as far as you have forecast and assess whether your IT infrastructure is capable of delivering on your business goals.

They will put together a technology roadmap outlining how your business’ IT infrastructure will need to evolve over time to facilitate your business achieving its goals.

We Do Code’s IT consultancy services don’t just stop there. They can also provide and manage project teams to deliver the software development or architecture upgrades outlined in your technology roadmap.

The project teams that they build can either be contract resource brought in specifically for delivering those projects, or they can bring in permanent staff vetted by their own team to work for your company.

The We Do Code team can also take care of the management, mentoring and training of both your existing staff and any staff that they bring in for you.

Through their own resource augmentation services they can help your business with your IR35 mitigation strategy. If you are already working with independent IT contractors and you are concerned about the implications of the private sector reforms due in Apr 2021, speak to We Do Code today to discuss how we can help your business and your IT contractors with IR35 mitigation.

Software Development

We Do Code will work with you to evaluate what the right software solutions are for your project. Leveraging the extensive software development expertise of their team, they will work with you through every step of the process.

We Do Code will work with you to design the perfect user experience for each type of user required in your project. Whether your project is delivering software for your customers to use, your internal staff or both, a positive user experience is absolutely crucial to the success of the project and ultimately your business.

A poor user experience for your customers will put your brand in a negative light which can lead to poor reviews and negative feedback on social media. A poor user experience for internal staff can lead to your business incurring extra costs over time through a loss of productivity.

Their architecture experts will then go to work designing the underlying infrastructure required to support your software. We Do Code pride themselves on delivering infrastructure that is stable, is highly available and delivers the same level of quality when you and your customers need it most.

We Do Code know the frustrations of spending your advertising and marketing budget to bring customers into your website for it then to buckle under the pressure and go offline just when you need it most.

With We Do Code, this will never happen.

Working closely with your business to evaluate what the correct deployment process should be and ensure strict measures are put in place to protect your business and it’s ability to trade.
We Do Code specialise in creating ecommerce solutions using the Magento 2 platform and brochure websites using the WordPress platform.

We Do Code can provide the full service including;

● a bespoke theme tailored to your brand,
● bespoke functionality built into the platform,
● sourcing and testing modules on the market, and
● providing the hosting solutions needed to sustain peak traffic whilst
being cost effective at normal times

At We Do Code, they know that not every business and it’s needs are well suited to an off-the-shelf solution like Magento or WordPress.

That’s why they also provide bespoke software development solutions which can be more cost effective over time and also completely tailored to your business’ needs. We Do Code can also work with your business on a licensing agreement if you wish to take your bespoke solution to the market.


We Do Code are experts at building powerful and scalable cloud hosting solutions, allowing your business to leverage the full benefits of cloud hosting. Gone are the days that you need to pay for a dedicated web
server all year when you only need that capacity for your peak periods. With the right cloud hosting solution tailored to your business’ needs, you only need to pay for that capacity when the demand increases to require it.

Whichever website hosting solution your business uses, you need to make sure you have the right backup and restore strategy in place should the worst happen. Many hosting providers will boast about taking regular
backups of your website, but for a lot of businesses this is merely providing a false sense of security. A backup is only as good as it’s restore – if your website goes offline, you need to know that your restoration procedure is quick enough to minimise the impact on your business.

For all of your IT consultancy, software development and/or hosting needs, contact We Do Code – it’s what they do.

To speak to We Do Code, click the links at the top of this page or call 0161 451 3196

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