African and Caribbean Women's Centre
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Mobile Food Bank and organisation for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) women and families in Bury and surrounding areas.

African and Caribbean Women's Centre is a charity established in 2019, that was set up to support BAME women who struggle with financial hardship, domestic violence and isolation. 


Culturally appropriate food parcels are being provided. 

They support these women by helping them acquire work related skills and training to help get them into regular employment.

The charity offers a chance for these women to socialise and share experiences, it also allows them to openly discuss challenges of discrimination and inequalities that affects BAME women. Counselling is provided to support women affected by domestic violence. 


This much needed charity is run by a group of volunteers whose core beliefs are at the heart of the help they provide. They are passionate about improving the lives of women and girls that they meet. 


To transform the lives of women and girls affected by poverty, domestic violence, and social injustice.


To ensure women have equal access to opportunities to fulfil their potentials and overcome poverty. 


Integrity – We maintain integrity and transparency in all our relationships and actions.

Service – We put the people we serve at the centre.

Respect – We value diversity and treat everyone with respect.

Services Provided

Training and Weekly Forums

Women who attend African and Caribbean Women's Centre are able to provide training for women so that they can acquire work related skills to help them secure work and gain confidence. 

Weekly forums are meetings that allow the women to socialise, meet friends and remove themselves from isolation and thoughts of suicide. 


Mobile African Food Bank 

AFRICAB are supporting women and their families throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic by providing African food supplies. The food bank is tailored specifically to traditional food within the BAME communities.  The Covid-19 pandemic has caused so many families financial hardship and affected so many peoples personal wellbeing.

Tackling Discrimination 

Black and minority ethnic women suffer discrimination due to a range of factors, from gender and race to social status and disability. The charity's works hard to address the inequalities that prevent women from accessing opportunities through awareness-raising and advocacy.

Counselling And Advice To Survivors Of Domestic Violence

The charity are able to offer counselling and other practical support to survivors of domestic violence to enable them to make informed decisions. Our volunteers also provide health, welfare and housing advice to women and girls.

If you feel that you require the help and support of AFRICAB, you can call them on 0161 763 8751 or 07570916856.

Social Interaction