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The best exercise there is!: cardio, strength, stretch, memory, discipline. All in one. I've been training over 3 years now with my boys:6 and 9. Great family time together! Fantastic people! In North West: the best!
My 11yrs old has been a member of RTK for nearly 5yrs .. he is a 1st dan black belt, the club has a great family atmosphere, some awesome instructors and classes to suit everyone.. RTK also provide the opportunity to enter internal and external competitions giving students a chance to show case what they have learned on a bigger stage .. fabulous company
Amazing business ran very professionally. Trained here for 7 years, made friends for life and have the most supportive network; who all push you to do your best and create amazing opportunities for you that you never would have had.
Outstanding karate Club. I've been going with my son for roughly two years. I'm now purple and white belt. My son Daniel is purple belt. We both love it. Have made loads of friends and the instructors are all awesome! Plus after getting to third brown as a kid I'm on a personal mission to get to black!!!
My eldest daughter took a break of about 18 months before returning. The attitude of both the instructors and other students has been fantastic and nothing but welcoming and encouraging. Definitely a club to be part of!
What an excellent family club. Great support from all sensi's students and their families.
Kairo & Lola always enjoy coming to classes. The Instructors are all fantastic and its always fun.
I have been going to Red Tiger for around 2 years now and I am a purple belt. I love it there and have made some good friends too.
Red Tiger Karate Club is good training. The senseis help me in grading a lot.
Red Tiger Karate Club is really fun to go to. I really really like sparring.
Cool and excellent training session. There are brilliant cadet leaders and fab senseis!!
Love karate, they make it sooo fun. Sensei is sooo nice, especially sensei Rachel. Club is like a family.
Red Tiger Karate is an excellent club which caters for all ages. Recommended
My son has been with this club for four years and he loves it. Thanks Red Tiger
I vote for Red Tiger Karate club. Both my children enjoy the club a lot. Thanks
Since joining the Red Tiger club, I have been more confident and feel a lot fitter.
My daughter Holly started at Red Tiger Karate Club around 14 months ago. She has attended twice a week and has never looked back. All the Sensai's are patient, understanding and dedicated 100%
Red Tiger has superb instructors across the club. Great syllabus and excellent students.
Great club atmosphere, friendly and fully inclusive. Best club I have been a member of
Although I have bought my son to attend this session only for a few months. I have seen an immense improvement in his attitude and behaviour. Karate is the best thing I could choose for my son. I hope this runs for a very long time. Well done to the teachers
Red Tiger is an excellent, friendly club. The instructors are extremely patient with children
After nearly half a decade at Red Tiger Karate, I can confidently say that the club is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Even now, after thousands of classes, the club still inspires such a massive amount of enthusiasm for karate in me, I still find myself in awe of the instructors and enjoy each and every class I attend. I've watched a large number of young students with behavioural issues mature into very disciplined, focused young adults. During the events held by the club, I seem to find more and more talent making it's way through the ranks, both in adults and children. One of the best showcases of this is the annual tournaments held by the club, where students and parents and friends can all appreciate the amazing displays. But this is by no means the only event that is organised by the club... Red Tiger's keenest students are granted access to some of the world's best instruction at special "Training Weekends," guest instructor seminars, "Student of the Year Seminars," karate birthday parties and much, much more. The club networks itself with other clubs across the huge area in which is spans, which allows students from Red Tiger to take advantage of special courses and seminars held by these other clubs. If you're considering joining the club, you've probably come across a list of potential benefits that you can expect. At first, I overlooked "meeting new people," as I was there to learn self-defense, get fitter and enjoy myself. However, as well as surpassing all of my expectations in these areas, I feel blessed to have met some of the nicest people I've come across, while at the club. Red Tiger Karate is made by the people in it, they're incredibly welcoming, helpful and passionate about karate, with no ego in sight. The way the club runs is testament to the continued efforts of those at the top, Sensei Paul and Rachael. Their lives revolve around karate and they manage to coordinate a club of over a thousand students to maintain a standard that might seem to be out of reach. In each corner of the club, you'll find the same syllabus, the same high quality of teaching and the same enthusiasm and talent in each one of the students. I can't recommend the club enough, I urge you to get involved and guarantee that you won't ever regret taking that first step.
Well where I begin. Our daughter started karate in July 2010, as a way to step up her fitness levels. The club is run by Sensei Paul & Sensei Rachael, and it is great to be part of such a well-run karate club. They work hard to help all the students from white belt upwards to gain their next level, with lots of encouragement and support. All the instructors in the club are the same; nothing is too much trouble for them, as long as they can pass their knowledge onto you about karate. The club holds two training weekends per year in Wales, and this is a great opportunity to get to know other students and parents within Red Tiger. We all meet up at night and it is like an extended part of the family. The club is very family friendly and children from as young as 4 can join and there isn't an upper age limit. The Sensei's are really helpful with the little ones and it is lovely to see them all grade and progress further within the club. Once a year a club tournament is held, and again this is very family orientated on the day. Sensei Paul & Sensei Rachael have made Red Tiger Karate club the best karate club around, and we as a family but especially our daughter are very proud to be part of such a well-run, well organized club. Thank you for all your help and support over the last few years with L-A, you should be very proud of yourselves Paul & Rachael.
Both my girls have benefitted in different ways with Red Tiger; one finding her stubborn character channeled into a determined but focussed approach; the other discovering a natural talent and with that, self confidence. I can't thank the Sensei enough for their support and friendship and feel they will be part of our lives for years to come. I can't recommend them highly enough for children and adults alike!
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